While the coaching business is booming (that's a great thing!) it also means there's a lot more noise out there to compete with -- and to get confused by. There are new strategies on the daily, and what once worked no longer works. 

We know you’ve likely already invested a lot into coaching programs. And while some strategies worked, many didn’t and maybe it's been a tough year for you. 

We know you’ve got the pressure of needing to sign clients and bring money in money, now.

You’ve got expenses to pay, desires you’re ready to live out and you want to give back; to your family, your community and the world! You are SO ready to up-level your business and life.

You’re DONE with the rollercoaster ride.

And you’re DONE with not being able to do the things that you set out to do this year because of not signing the number of clients you anticipated.

We get it. We’ve been in your shoes and we know what it’s like to feel like things aren’t working, the clients have dried up, the income isn’t flowing.

The good news is that you’ve crossed the first hurdle and actually started living in alignment with your values and dreams by launching your business.

What you need right now is a PATTERN INTERRUPT to shake things up and get back into the flow of signing clients again!

The Collective Rising Sistermind
An immersive 90-day mentorship for online coaches ready to bust through their visibility fears, build an engaged following and shake up their marketing to stand out and monetize their soul's work!
In this powerful 90-day program you’ll get to process your emotions with mentors who actually care and get back in the RING. 

You're going to find THE message, THE offer and THE action THAT WORKS. 

We speak from 15 years of personal experience between us. And having been through the trenches you’re fighting your way through right now.

So if you’ve either been trying to figure this out on your own or you feel jaded with the lack on substance and real support in previous coaching programs, we can help you.
There's only one strategy that's going to change this for you and get you results....it’s time to stop the fear and questioning, and get to work. 

We are going to help you get through the other side of this sticky patch and get you back in the ring.

We're going to give you your PATTERN INTERRUPT in the 3 KEY AREAS to make money in today's online marketplace:

Together we'll wipe out the current inner dialogue that’s holding you back and get your mind wired with new powerful beliefs that get you what you want. We'll upgrade your identity and frequency to the "WOMAN WHO" is showing up for her audience, speaking about her offers unapologetically, selling without fear and creating consistent clients and income.

You’ll build your soul aligned brand and business model around who YOU want to be in business -- honouring your personality and talents. You’ll bust through the fears and limiting beliefs standing in your way and you’ll get laser focussed and into inspired action.

The same old boring content isn’t being seen and heard by your audience anymore. You need to get more interesting. We need to do a big "un-boring you" process! And it’s going to stretch you -- but all your new clients are on the other side of that comfort zone. It’s time to show them the REAL you.

You’ll uncover your unique blue ocean messaging that is both relatable to your audience and stands out in the red sea of sameness. You’ll also find how to best package your services into a premium offer that is both profitable and scalable and is actually designed to help facilitate the transformation your ideal client is paying for. If you are ready, you will scale your business with a group program.

Those predictable launchy emails and tactics you were taught don’t cut it anymore. The market and your audience has moved on, you’ve got to surprise and excite them with your message and offer. We need to shake things up and get you learning the latest SOCIAL SELLING strategies that are working to get calls and money in now. And of course we need to get you way more VISIBLE.

We'll also teach you systems and automation that allow you to scale your reach. This is all about supporting you to be visible, consistent and take care of your energy and wellbeing. We will help you automate your lead generation and, if you're ready, look at systems that can scale your exposure such as evergreen webinars.

The Collective Rising Sistermind is designed to meet you where you're at. 

Whether you're newer to biz or you're a veteran coach -- you need be able to drop the inner drama, stay current with your message and offer and you need to be using the marketing strategies that are working right NOW.

With our open coaching format you get access to 3 expert calls every week and have immediate access to your trainings and our facebook group.

"I can't put into words how these women work together except that it's purely magical. You can not go wrong with these three. I don't know how they found each other but the Universe had a big plan when she brought them together. Their expertise, their insight, their energy and their compassion -- it's everything you need in a coach except you get three and together they are amazing."
- Jenn Krusinski
"I have created more money than ever before, while doing so much less than ever before. I have worked abroad for the past few months, building a really successful business along the way."
- Sophie French
"These 3 coaches together were a powerhouse. Each with different strengths and gifts to share. So much love and care. It’s truly amazing to be in the presence of women supporting women and lifting each other up."
- Marie Ferry
"Before working with Cara, I was overwhelmed, I had far too many clients and there was a horrendous work-life balance. Within the first 6 weeks of working with Cara, I had my first $10K month, then a $15K month and I've gone on to create multiple 5 figure months. I've raised my prices and decreased the amount of clients I'm working with but the level of service I'm providing is far superior than anything I was able to create before."
- Cynthia Thurlow
"The Collective Rising is a holistic approach to coaching. 
I felt supported  in every aspect of personal and business development -- which go hand in hand as an entrepreneur!"
- Trish Taylor
"Creating an automated sales funnel with Serena's help has supported me to focus on my genius zone and what I most love to do -- serving my clients fully and powerfully. Sales and marketing has long been my 'weak spot' and an automated funnel has relieved the pressure on me to be fully responsible for constantly bringing in new leads. I feel much lighter, more expansive and excited to fully scale to a 7 figure funnel!"
- Jess Giles
to give you the ‘how’
to help you bust through mindset blocks and implement the strategy
for collaboration, connection and access to a team of experts for an unparalleled level of support
  • ​Immediate access to our comprehensive mindset, messaging and marketing training modules on a membership site.
  • Access to 3 x open coaching calls every week, one with each of us focusing on our specific zone of genius
  • Private Facebook Group for ongoing support from us between coaching calls
  •  An accountability process. We've got your back! You can't hide in this program and you'll receive feedback on your work.
"Hands down, I LOVED the collaborative coaching experience. The different perspectives and expertise were unlike anything I had had before and it was phenomenal! They really compliment each other and bring to the table so many different tools.
- Danielle Uhl
"Cara consistently helps me to realize what I am really capable of. She doesn't let me hide. And the result of that, is for the first time, I am consistently getting in front of my ideal client. Cara has also supported me in overcoming some deep-seated mental roadblocks around money and recognize the true value of my work. Within the first month of working together, I booked my first client into my 90-day signature program -- and I'm already getting ready to raise my rates with confidence!"
- Vanessa Sorenson
"I love the combination of Cara, Serena and Louise. They’re great coaches with different areas of expertise that blend together so well!"
- Sarah Keal
"I am totally obsessed with the Collective Rising team! They are all so different and bring unique gifts and talents to the table. I love that they embrace not only the strategy and smarts to grow a successful business but emphasize the mindset and personal growth that must take place in order to get to the next level. I cannot imagine a better team to help me grow my business! The combined expertise of all three of these women is decades of knowledge."
- Lindsay Young
"Louise is like working with the higher version of my soul -- her intuitive approach nails it every time."
- Emma Fairclough
"I've made over $500K from my evergreen webinar funnel that I implemented with Serena. As a single mum of 2 young kids and with active outdoorsy hobbies, I'm all about the lifestyle that a consistent, scalable program funnel gives me."
- Sophie Howard
We’re a powerhouse trio of biz besties (with three complimentary genius zones!) who’ve joined forces to create the best training & mentoring for our soul sisters who also didn’t grow up with social media...  

We GET it can be overwhelming and daunting building your business online.

Over the last few years we’ve trudged through the trenches, failing forwards, learning what it REALLY takes to create, grow and elevate an online business and brand. We've all successfully taken our companies to multiple six figures a year in revenue...and now, we’re bringing our expertise to you!
Serena is a Business and Success Coach based in Byron Bay, Australia. She helps her clients build sustainable (& profitable!) 6-figure businesses online. Her zone of genius is sales & online marketing -- especially marketing funnels, automation, Facebook ads and high ticket selling.
Cara is a Master NLP Coach & Trainer based in Toronto, Canada. She especially loves to help introverted coaches get visible online and fully booked with clients. Her zone of genius is helping you master the art of connecting with your audience on an emotional level and in packaging your expertise into a highly desirable offer.
Louise is an Actor, Host & Success Coach based in London, UK. Louise loves to help her clients scale to 6 figures and beyond by dropping the struggle and turning up the soul. Her zone of genius is in aligning mind and body wisdom with higher consciousness and energy, so that you can get results with more ease. She is also our manifestation queen!
So, are you ready to rise with us?

So, are you ready to rise with us? 

So, are you ready to rise with us? 

Doors close Friday October 11th!
$2997 USD 
(Best Value)


3 payments of $1197 USD

 60 Minute Private Coaching Session

Pay in full and receive a 60-minute 1:1 kick off session to get you quick wins!


Tools to support you in manifesting what you truly desire, in all life areas: wellbeing, love, money. With powerful meditations, rituals & practices, to help you remember who you really are and what you truly desire; quantum leaping to your next level & creating a life that feels as good as it looks.


A non-negotiable aspect of being able to build a sustainable 6-figure coaching business with clients who stay the course and take action are your skills as a transformational coach. You need to know how to facilitate change, how to move people past their limits and how to be the leader that your clients trust and open up to. You’ll learn how to hear what’s not being said, how to ask effective questions and how to dig deep and find out the blocks.

Total Bonus Bundle value $ 1500!

brenda brummond | spiritual mindset coach

lindsay young | holistic nutritionist

jenn Krusinski

Michelle Dixon | Practitioner & Writer
Anne Valerie | Coach & Consultant


Carla Coulson | Creative & Life Coach

LuLu Minns | Life & Business Coach

Jessica Giles | Founder of Chic Money


Cate Butler-Ross

trish taylor | intuitive sales coach

Anna Knapik | founder of Miannah

Vanessa Hallick | Mindset & Business Coach

Brooke Kalan | Transformational Life Coach




Solene Pignet | Founder of Creators for Good

Nancy Florence | Coach & Psychotherapist

Tracey Livingston | Life Coach & energy Worker

  • When does the Sistermind start?

    You'll receive access to the program as soon as you register. Program officially starts Oct 14th -- the sooner you join the more BONUS TIME you get in the program!
  • What if I can't make all the coaching calls? Will I miss out on important info?

    No worries! All of the trainings are provided on your membership site to access at any time and go through at your own pace. Our group coaching calls are open coaching to support you with whatever you're working on that week. Since this is a Global program (with your 3 coaches living on 3 difference continents!), we're providing 3 group coaching calls per week (with alternating times biweekly to cover the various timezones) to ensure you can to get on at least one coaching call each week. 
  • ​I've seen you talk about a Bali Retreat?   Yes! We are hosting a 4 day immersion in Bali this October 23-26. Any Sistermind members are invited, the investment is $1500. Book a call and we can tell you more.
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